How to Spot a Fake Dating Profile

How to Spot Fake Dating Profiles
How to Spot Fake Dating Profiles

Encountering fake dating profiles is one of the annoying things, especially if you had spent a lot of time on it. To avoid wasting time and improve the success rate of matching, we invited experts to write how to spot fake dating profiles.

According to our statistics, at least 10% or more of the profiles on mainstream dating sites are fake or inactive on average. The more users a website or application has, the more likely it will increase. Dating apps with a large number of users can get more income, but also face more problems with a fake profile, they must establish a comprehensive detection mechanism to prevent real users from being affected. For us real users, scammers are very annoyed when they encounter a fake profile. A bad experience can make us completely abandon a dating app. Although it is the task of the operations team to reduce fake profiles, we still have some ways to distinguish and protect us from losses.

The Most Distinguishable Types

Photos Are Few or Different

Such profiles are usually generated by robots and are very easy to distinguish. We can start with the photos; they are blurry or inconsistent. Maybe it has seven or eight photos, but with different persons on them. What reason can we not distinguish it? The other is photos with a white background, which are usually dragged from the Internet.

Too Perfect Profiles

We swipe left and right and suddenly see a very beautiful profile. Wait, take care if it’s too perfect. Some people use attractive fake photos and introductions found online to create fake profiles. If we don’t want to be deceived, we need to be vigilant in the beginning.

Pieces of Fakes Not Easy to Spot

OK, we got a great match and start chatting. But the replies are very weird, out of touch and like a robot. Such profiles should raise our alarm. But this cannot be a decisive factor. Generally, the purpose of establishing such an account is to sell products or deceive. If the other side starts to mention sales, meets and a certain product, then we should report them immediately.

Another way to check is to check the other person’s social pages. Many dating sites support people connecting their social pages which include Facebook, Instagram, etc. This is a very powerful verification method.

Scammers, marketers and other fakes have lost the true meaning of dating sites and made it difficult for us to find love. When we meet them, we should use all available means to report them. Of course, you should follow your instincts strictly. Try to avoid some strange conversations and only respond to those who expect you.

Most importantly, set goals for yourself. This way you can have a clear grasp of your position. And take the initiative in all conversations.

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