Couples Looking for Third launched several months ago aimed to connect open couples and like-minded singles to have a good sexual threesome experience. This is a normal dating site but not totally. Actually, it belongs to a niche field.
Every second’s thousands of hundreds of people are searching, chatting and hanging with others online over the world, for all kind of dating types you could ever imagine. As open-minded people increasing, they are not only satisfied with general dating. Some individuals begin to explore more open sexual adventures. They do not think it’s shame, but a lifestyle which is more open, with more fun and joy.
http://www.coupleslookingforthird.com/ launched as such background and it caters to all open couples who want to find someone join their threesome party and all singles who are seeking a couple to join with.
But it’s not a totally new website, it’s based on a huge database of┬áBiCupid, which is the world’s largest bisexual dating site. Currently, there are more and more people looking for open relationship and casual encounter inside. So don’t be worry about a few matches, you still have a high chance to meet your ideal one.